Business Idea: Financial Blog

Recently, I started thinking about a new service that I would like to see in the marketplace. I believe a blog-site which focuses on the tracking of portfolio movements, performance, and posts regarding the trading moves in the portfolio would be extremely valuable to a lot of people learning about investing or wanting to show their skills.

The idea came about because I've realized that there is no site which lets you publicly manage a portfolio and explain to people why you are making certain moves within it. 

Some ideas on whatthis product could include:

– Users configure their initial portfolio and then publicly update their portfolio over time.

– Users could sign up for a pay service which audits their performance and enters them into competition against others. 

– Any portfolio should be public by default but can also be made to just be invitation only (this way investment clubs can monitor their club performance on any given day).

– Popular public portfolios would receive some level of editorial oversite and be featured on receive editorial placement when the portfolio managers are doing something right, publishing good lessons, etc.

The closest thing to this out there right now is That site, however, is all about competition between you and other "virtual mutual fund" managers. You have to run your portfolio within the guidelines of a standard mutual fund and this means holding a wide variety of positions, re-balancing frequently, etc. 

I realize I'm a bit of a data wonk but I could see this being a really valuable service. What do you guys think?


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