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Personal Sell: Paychex Inc (PAYX): $40.07: 20060428

As much as it pained me to do so, I had to sell out of my shares in Paychex for reasons related to taxes. Basically, I had to pay the government before a refund check was scheduled to arrive and my only funds available were in my trading portfolio. I got pinched and I hate it. Shut up. I know I should keep a better reserve pile so I don't have to do this (it's just that I've always liked having as much money as possible really working for me at any given time).

This stock was the only stock left in my portfolio that I could sell and get long term capital gains treatment. Paychex was a good run for me, however, as my shares were purchased at $31.06 on February 25, 2005. This means I had a percentage increase of 29% in 14 months or so. Booyakasha.


Personal Sell: Disney (DIS): $27.82: 20060413

So I sold this stock for a few of reasons. Really, I felt it was the weakest story in my portfolio, I could get long-term capital gains treatment, and I needed the money for writing a check to the IRS this year.

My cost basis on the stock was $27.69 on 20050303. At a sell price of $27.82 a year later, I obviously did not make a ton of money on this one…

Since the time I sold, however, the stock has gone down a bit to a current price of $27.23. There just aren't many short-term catalysts on this one although I am still intrigued in how the digital strategy will play out.

Having Eisner out of the company and Iger getting much more chummy with Steve Jobs makes for an interesting mix and something which might be really fun to follow.



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