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Tilson Mutual Funds – Getting bigger and gaining accolades

I am not a rich man – yet. For years, however, I followed the investment writings and newsletters of Whitney Tilson, a noted value investor running a hedge fund for accredited investors. I had even emailed him at one point to see if there was a way he could take my money. As someone that did not qualify as an accredited investor, I was quite excited when he sent me an email and told me that he was going to be launching a couple mutual funds. When those funds launched, I bought in right away, even though they had no ticker symbols and I could not hold them in my Ameriprise brokerage account. I just knew I wanted this guy’s thoughts and updates being sent to me as frequently as possible (and the updates from the fund company are indeed great).

Whitney Tilson

The good news is that these funds have really been performing quite well. In fact, they finally reached enough assets to get their own ticker symbols (TILFX – Tilson Focus Fund and TILDX – Tilson Dividend Fund).

And then, to top it all off, the Wall Street Journal’s Quarterly Mutual Fund supplement rated the Focus Fund #1 out of 883 entries in the Multicap Core Funds category with a one -year return of 19.98%! Yowzah!

I strongly recommend <a href=>both of the funds</a> for long-term buy and hold investors who want their money managed professionally and ethically. Here’s to hoping that staying in for the long haul someday helps me acheive “accredited investor” status.



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